Christian Mythology for Kids

A Secular Family's Guide to Modern Christianity

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From the Author:

"Inform your children before someone else does. Learn about Christian bible stories and myths without the dogma."

Chrystine Trooien

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The Book

Christian Mythology for Kids is an 8x10, hard cover book, approximately 100 pages in length with full page illustrations and some spot page illustrations.

At the beginning of each chapter, the topic is introduced from a secular perspective. A paraphrased story from the bible or widely held christian belief is recounted, without bias in either direction (much like the stories about Zeus or Apollo). Each story is followed by a few sentences explaining why it is mythology from a logical or scientific perspective.

"Myths fired my imagination powerfully as a kid. Greek, Norse, Hopi, West African animist tales—I devoured them all. But the stories of the Judeo-Christian canon were an exception. The retellings were always so mired in kid-glove sacredness that all the rich drama was drained out of them. Christian Mythology for Kids finally restores these fantastic tales to their rightful place among the great, compelling stories of humanity. I want to be a kid again so I can discover Christian myth afresh."

- Dale McGowan

Author, Parenting Beyond Belief and Raising Freethinkers

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The Author

Chrystine is an enthusiastic atheist and mother of two mindful and inquisitive boys. Three years ago, she and her husband started a secular meetup group for families when their oldest was just a baby. Together, and with the help of many others, they created a secular community of families. This Phoenix-based group has grown into 200+ families!

Chrystine was raised in a fundamentalist Christian religion and is well versed in the beliefs and stories of Christianity. She found her own voice and opinion when she was 19 years old and has been on an enlightening journey of free-thought since then. From a young age, Chrystine has enjoyed and excelled in writing, literature, and the sciences. Her education background is mixed, with two bachelors degrees in music performance and a masters in geographical information science. A healthy curiosity and self-learning approach has served Chrystine well, and her life experiences have given her a pronounced advantage to write this book.

The Illustrator

In our search for the best illustrator, we made sure their style was very different from something you often see in a Children’s Bible. The illustrations will be exciting depictions of each story.

Christopher Zakrzewski

I am 21-year-old illustrator with a background in character and concept design. I have done numerous graphics for the “Helping Hands daycare” as well as graphics for RenaissanceCo. Clothing. I left school during the beginning of this year to pursue self-education and freelance illustration work and have found a healthy amount of success. Most recently I have developed in the areas of animation, web page design and coding to better advance my portfolios. I pride myself on creating unique and beautiful images through a variety of programs and tools.



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